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At Glenageary LTC we make sure that there is something for every Junior Member regardless of age and level, so whether you’re a 6-year-old starting tennis for the first time or an experienced Open Tournament player, we have something to offer at GLTC.

We are very proud that we have a number of Top Nationally Ranked Juniors in most age groups who started their Tennis journey doing the group coaching at GLTC.


We provide Top Quality Coaching for all age groups starting off with the

RED BALL: Girls and Boys aged 6-8yrs- Using our 4 Full Time Mini Courts

ORANGE BALL: Girls and Boys aged 8-9-10yrs Using our 2 Full Time Midi Courts

GREEN BALL: Girls and Boys aged 9-10-11yrs Using our 8 Tiger Turf All Weather Courts

YELLOW BALL: Girls and Boys aged 10-18yrs Using our 8 Tiger Turf All Weather Courts

Junior Tennis

All groups are graded by the Director of Tennis to make sure that members receive the proper instruction for their respective levels and take place Monday to Friday form 3pm to 7pm.

For those Teenage Players who reach a certain level are Filtered onto the Senior League Teams to compete against other clubs around Leinster.


GRADE NEW –  Players in this Category can be any age but have very little or No experience

GRADE 3 – Players in this Category can hit basic strokes using proper swings when prompted

GRADE 2 – Players in this Category can do all the strokes and starting to use Spin to control 

GRADE 1 – Players in this Category Can Serve and Volley using the Proper Grips as well as Spin


The club provides plenty of competitive opportunities where the Juniors play other juniors in the same age or level bracket.

Annual Club Championship held every August

Parent and Child Tournament

Junior Ladder for all Ages 8-18 Orange Green Yellow Ball

Seasonal Box Leagues organised by Faouzia with results recorded on the ladder.


We enter teams in all the Junior Leagues

Stars and Stripes League for Lower Level Players U12 U14 U17

DLTC Leagues U14 and U17 Players Girls and Boys

Leinster Leagues U12 and U18 Players Girls and Boys


In order to help our members, get a foothold on the Open Tournament scene we run a number of tournaments listed on the Tennis Ireland and Leinster Tennis Calendars for the following ages and ball

RED BALL – Duration 2 hrs Max

ORANGE BALL – Duration 2 hrs Max

GEEN BALL – Duration 2 hrs Max

These events are competitive and open non-member’s, as a result, we have players from all over Ireland coming to compete.

Coaches will inform you if they feel it’s a good opportunity for your child to enter


We offer 4 Parties a year for the under and over 12s where the emphasis is on Fun Tennis Games with Pizza and a Drink afterwards so all the juniors can relax have fun and make new friends.

Halloween Fancy Dress Party: Very popular as you can imagine with Fancy Dress competition

Christmas Party: With Santa giving out Selection Boxes

Easter Party: With a cool Easter Egg Hunt

Schools Out Party: Mayhem to kick the Summer off

These parties are very well supported by the members so don’t miss out as registration is required.

SUMMER PROGRAM – The Jewel in the Crown

We are the only Club in Ireland that offers a FREE 8 Week Program for all ages and levels which is Organised by Two Fully Qualified Professional Coaches who make sure that everyone is having a great time on court playing different games and getting tips on how to play better and of course have the opportunity to make lots of new tennis friends over the holidays.


Paul runs his famous Casey Academy Squad for Open Tournament Level Juniors on Wednesdays and Saturdays. This is an Invitation Program for players involved in the Grade 1 Coaching classes that have all the proper Grips and Spins so we can concentrate on How to Play the GAME of tennis.